Friday, March 30, 2007

Besitas: A how-to

By now, readers have probably figured out that we refer to Olive's kisses as besitas. We know it's not a real word, but we like it. We translate it as "little girly kisses," and we apply the name only to little girly kisses from our little girl, Olive.

As the master of the besitas, I was asked to share my technique. Let me tell you, it is reliable. I can get at least fifty besitas a day, no problem, and when Nat follows it, she has the same success (I'm pretty sure Aunt Judy did, too).

How to Get the Besitas

  1. It doesn't really matter what position you or Olive are in. It's easiest, however, if you are directly above her or in front of her. Get close.
  2. Hold both of her (oh so silky!) ears in your hands, rubbing and massaging them. I recommend a circular motion, with your palms on the front of the ears, thumbs on top, and fingers on the back (see first photo below). Nat has no idea what she's doing when she does this step, and it still works.
  3. Make kissing noises.
  4. Pucker your lips and move your face close to Olive's. She may choose to kiss your nose or your chin, and avoid the lips altogether.
  5. Rinse and repeat.
See photos below for further explanation:

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

new ears!

Well, they aren't really new, but they are getting a new shape and standing up taller on their own. Mommy says it is because I am growing, but I think it is because the strong winds on my walks have pushed them back. I don't like the wind. Or the cold.


Notice the difference? Well, is what I do when I am enjoying my belly being rubbed.
I guess I look a little scary with the flash in my eyes and all, but I was yawning and the camera took me off guard! I like to sit like my mommies sit. Also, when I am this happy I sometimes don't know what to do with my much-too-long-for-my-body limbs! So, I put them like that.

Here I am in my crate. You might notice how that pillow is not my new Lexie Lew bed. Well, I really liked peeing on it, (because it is all mine, ya know?) but one day it went missing. What did those crazy ladies do with it?!? In retaliation, I pooped in my crate Monday right before the Jess-ter came home from work to let me out. Heh. That'll teach 'em.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Oh. My. God.

I went outside.

There were so many new smells and sights and sounds! It took me a while to get used to the harness and leash, but eventually, I get the hang of walking. Well, trotting. I prefer to prance, actually.

But it is so much fun. I chase Mommy while the Jess-ter walks me, or I chase J's pant legs while Mommy walks me, but either way, I like it. I don't like the cold. I don't like the wind. I don't like the wet sidewalk. Curbs scare me. I like to eat leaves and twigs and branches, so without that distraction I prefer to simply do my business in the middle of the sidewalk. I hate waiting in the cold outside the supermarket. Mommy usually puts me in her coat, but I squirm and wiggle so much, I don't stay inside too long.

Also. People love me. I'm serious. People stop to look at me and tell me how cute I am. I usually take this opportunity to stop walking and take a break by shaking everything out.

(Mom's note: She had no problem going poop outside, but the piddles where few and far between all weekend. Even with the little cut-up squares of piddle pad I would put down! Any suggestions for this transitional period? In a city? While crate training?)

Sunday, March 25, 2007

My new Lexie Lew bed!

Here are the pictures of my new bed!


Mine. My. New. Bed.

I must appologize for the quality and I hope this in no way reflects the sleek design features of Lexie Lew. The Jess-ter's camera is better than Mommy's, but now that it is finally repaired, the computer cord has been lost....

It sure is comfy, though. I loooooove it! Thanks, Uncle Wes.

And when I pee on it, my mommy simply unzips the cover and is able to wash it right then. Or simply stain/odor treat it, if she's lazy!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

what a day!

Yesterday was such a big day.

First, I got a new little carrier from my Auntie Bri. So Mommy strapped me in and we went out into the cold! I was so scared! It was nice to be able to see out and get cuddled at the same time in this little bucket carrier, but it had a bell that scared me even more than the new noises and smells.

Then, we went into the vet's. There were a lot of people waiting! I sat patiently and ate some treats out of Mommy's hand when I felt comfortable, but there was such a long wait and new people coming in and out with animals and carriers. There was one particular dog that scared me so much I had to hid under Mommy's arm. It was the biggest thing I have ever seen. It's name was Ruby and she was a German Shepard who had eaten some of that bad recalled food. In the "little dog section," away from Ruby, I met an old black Chihuahua in a red coat and a Westie who was very woosy, walking around funny, named Wally. The whole time I was waiting, there was a black cat across the room named Raven, but I didn't really notice her. It was crowded!

The vet was nice to me and said I was a petite pug, and will probably stay that way, but I was growing well and gained 1.7 lbs. I got a shot in my bum and some medicine in my mouth afterwards. I am almost 14 weeks and have had 2 sets of shots, so I can go outside now!! He said my breathing was perfect and much better than last time. Mommy said we were going to wait until the weekend to introduce me to the outside so we could have more time and nicer weather, hopefully.

I also had to try on this horribble "harness" yesterday. I hated it. I know it is pink and soft, but it just bothers me! I want to bit it off and try my hardest to which means I slam my body against the walls of my crate. **Mom's note: um, yeah, we are doing small trial periods with that one...**

When I got home from the vet there was a beautiful surprise for me. A big bed! It is from my Uncle Wes' company, Lexie Lew, and I am too little to be a spokesmodel, but I sure did think it was comfy. I got a lot of attention on this bed and Momma Jess tried to take pictures with her new camera. I hate that thing! I obliged for a little while. (those will be posted later...)

Today i could tell that something was funny this morning. Mommy was running around putting little notes on all of my things. Apparently, my Auntie Bri is coming over to give me my dinner tonight. My mommies were not paying enough attention to me and I could tell they were getting ready to leave me and go to work. So, I decided to pee on my new bed. That'll show them!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

the rainbow is gone

Attempting to fight the blogger widget bull-shit by trying to combine it with my html template did not work. I succumbed to the pre-formatted blogger template. Boo. The other one was splashy and bright and now this one looks plain old dull in comparison, but for all involved, this is probably easier. Especially little Olive. I don't think she could have caught on very quickly to any html commands. She just learned her own name this week.

Olive has been getting much better with the biting and "No!" command. She comes when called by her name (usually) and waits patiently without barking for her food. She always goes potty in the correct spot (the kitchen piddle pad) and is growing and, ahem, filling out a bit.

I cut her nails again this weekend since the first time I did it, I really didn't take enough off, but bad mommy had the frickin' clippers backwards and so I got a vein. She let out a little cry, but no different than the first two cries she had let out the weekend before upon the first two nails, but after a bit she started bleeding all over. She was fine in the end. My pants and shirt were covered in little bloody paw marks which just breaks my heart, but I held a wet paper towel covered in the styptic powder that came with the clippers (thank god!) and eventually she stopped bleeding. It was quite scary and I am very sorry I did it. I'm pretty sure she forgives me, though, since she has been acting fine ever since.

The accidents continued to roll all weekend long. I slammed my right index finger in a car door and took off a corner of the nail. It is better today with a band-aid strategically placed so I can type, but I also gave myself a burn on the wrist making grilled cheese while Jess-ter was sleeping. That'll teach her to never leave me alone to my own cooking devices...heh. This isn't that unusual for me since I am the most clumsy person you will ever meet (I have broken almost all of our graduation present glasses, and we haven't even been graduates for 9 months), but it is particularly difficult when you still have accidents on your hands from the week before. Yeah. Trying to shave the skin off of your pinky...don't try. Washing the knife and slicing the same finger that would be slammed in the car door...not so much fun. I just can't help it.

Tomorrow Olive goes to the vet for another set of shots. I think this set will mean that we can take her outside (finally!), but it might be another 3 or 6 weeks until we can take her to the park. I am seriously so excited about this prospect. (heh...especially since we the closest park we will be going to is Prospect Park...ha!) At night when I come home from work, she is so excited to play fetch, but the apartment is only so long for her to run! She runs all around, in laps, doing "mad dog"to let out that energy which would be the perfect use for the park! She is ready. I can tell. But, we will have to wait for what the vet says.

Last night I had a serious happy-attack. Like giggling with glee happy. I just got so, so, so excited that I finally have a pug puppy like I have always wanted and talked about. It is unbelievable to get what you want and even more unbelievable when it turns out better than you ever expected. I mean seriously, I am in such a happy place in my life because of this puppy and the love around me!

Monday, March 19, 2007

Rachel Ray's Irish Breakfast

Rachel Ray was ready for our hangovers on Sunday with the deliciously hearty breakfast she was preparing right when it was time to make our own breakfast! So, with a few adjustments the Jess-ter made us (minus Olive) a great, Irish-inspired breakfast:

  • Fluffy, creamy, cheddar scrambled eggs
  • Baked beans!! (my addition since I had to go downstairs to the corner market to get milk anyway...I bought the vegetarian version even though Rachel was making hers with bacon)
  • Toast with honey butter (so simple when you melt the butter first in the microwave and simply pour the mixture over your entire piece of toast...really sop up the mess)
  • side salad with "Balsamic Breeze" Vinaigrette (a healthier replacement for Rachel's sausage and potato patties...hey, we indulged with the beans and honey butter already!)
I even had tea with breakfast, an unusual choice for my morning beverage (COFFEE!) since Rachel's menu also had a pot of Irish breakfast tea brewing with it.


Sunday, March 18, 2007

dinner party?

Apparently, my mommies had something called a "dinner party" on Friday. All I know is that I got to meet my Auntie Judy and some very new smells were coming out of the kitchen. I thought I was on my best behavior and even posed with that nasty sweater on.

I hate it. I really do. I don't want it on my body. Ever. I guess I look pretty cute, though. I was investigating the camera/giving everyone a close-up.

Here's what the Jess-ter made for Auntie Judy and Mommy:

  • Sautéed Pork chops in a Balsamic reduction
  • Harvest Grains including mini red quinoa (!) with onions and mushrooms
  • Spinach with lemon juice
  • "Dreaming of Vienna" frozen torte dessert from TJ's....
I bet it was delicious...I'm dreaming of puppy treats....ah...

Friday, March 16, 2007

about us.

Hi! I'm Olive. I am a 3 month baby girl PUG and I live with my two mommies in Brooklyn, NY. Or at least that's what they tell me and who knows whether or not to believe them...just look how silly they are!

Well okay, this family portrait was taken after a run-in with some Irish Car Bombs on St. Patty's day...BUT...

...I've never actually been outside so I don't really know what Brooklyn is like, but I am sure that soon enough I will get to know my neighborhood and will grow to love it as much as my mommies tell me I will.

My mommy on the left, the dark-haired one, is my real adoptive mommy, Queen Mayo. People might know her as "nat" or "nayonnaise" from other blogs. It was her idea to get me and thus, I am her responsibility. She had wanted a little girl pug baby like me for about 6 years. Took her long enough, but I'm sure glad she waited for me. She works at a desk job in TV advertising with not too much responsibility so she can blog from her cubicle a lot. My moms met at Smith College, where they both graduated from in May 2006. My namesake, the other Olive the pug, lives at Smith. They say I would like it there with all of the smart, wild women on that beautiful campus.

My mom on the right is the Jess-ter. People may know her as "Pickle" or "Jess-nutt" from other blogs. She works in the city like mommy, but she works in marketing for a textbook publisher. All I know is that they sit at desks all day while I nap in my crate! They tell me they have to do these "jobs" in order to pay for my treats and vet's visits. Though, if you ask me, I could take or leave the vet.

So, welcome to our family blog! We are a very kind and loving family...thus the name of our house, Casita de las Besitas. Our own little translation is "the little house of the little girly kisses..." enjoy!