Thursday, December 13, 2007

Happy Birthday, Olive!

On this date one year ago, our little Olive was born some-
where in Missouri. Less than two months later, we would pick her out from a group of three puppies. Olive was not too big, and not too "sooty," as Nat describes the grey-black markings on the top of another pug puppy's head. She had just the right personality, too--friendly and curious, but submissive to humans. Just a few short days later, we brought her home to our apartment in Brooklyn. We spent that first three-day weekend playing and snuggling. She was small enough to sleep on top of me--about 5 lbs.

Olive has grown into a rambunctious, social pug who has bad manners but a great, people-loving personality. She has mastered the 8-hour car trip, house training, and off-leash hours at the park. Not to mention navigating down the Cacapon River.

We've had a great time so far with you, wrinkle face. Happy Birthday! Besitas!

(In case you're curious, this is among the most recent photos of the beast, taken at Thanksgiving this year--she's now 22 lbs.!)

"Happy Birthday" image by Will Pate.
All images of Olive by Nat or me.

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Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Thanks, Clover!