Monday, November 5, 2007


Hi everydoggy!

Hope you had a fantastic Pug-o-ween...or, Halloween, for all you non-pugs. I dressed up as a beeeeeeautiful Peacock Princess.
Look at my colorful tail.

We did not do much for the holiday, my mommies just dressed me up in this costume and took pictures. I did not like the head piece so I wore the costume with my own creative interpretation...voila! Hoodie-dress! Pug-o-ween = treats

I wonder if peacocks can fly??? This one can!

The costume was also a little, ahem, snug around my tummy. My mothers explained that this was the biggest size and we would have to make do. I am filling out to be quite a voluptuous woman since I will be 1 year old in December!See ya!