Thursday, June 12, 2008

Why you should microchip your pet

Losing your pet can be one of the most heart-
breaking exper-
iences. One Brooklyn man recently went through the ordeal firsthand, but luckily with a positive outcome:

A dog that went missing from Sunset Park on Monday afternoon was found 60 miles away on Long Island the next day.
The Long Island woman who found the chihuahua took him to a vet, who found a microchip between Boy's shoulders identifying him and his owner.
[Owner] Liu said his dog went missing when he visited a friend's fenced-in backyard and suspects someone picked up the dog "and went the wrong way." As for Boy's health, Pierce said he seems good, "except his feet on the underside seem to be cut up.

In January, a Colorado trucker was reunited with his dog that had run away at a Hudson Valley rest stop. And microchip your pet!
Thanks, Gothamist.


lalagirl said...

Wow. Yes, we agree. Porky & Brownie are microchipped.

Long time no read and visit. We missed you Olive!

Lots of licks, hugs, and Pug kisses.

Porky & Brownie

lalagirl said...

Tag you are it! Come by our blog at to see the details.

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Nancy and the fatties said...

What a great story Olivepuggy. We love happy endings! thank you for sharing!
pughugs from Texas