Thursday, April 17, 2008

Milkbones beat gourmet concoctions

New York magazine published an in-
teresting taste test this week that offered some of the city's most decadent treats to some of its most discerning palates. The jury was made up of Gordie, a French Bulldog; Bear, a Saint Bernard; and Chopper, a Boston Terrier (right). The treats included Birdbath’s peanut-butter dog biscuit (two for $1), Batch’s foie gras–flavored biscuit ($2.75 each), Bouchon Bakery’s foie gras–flavored dog biscuit ($2.70 each), and Milk-Bone’s Bacon Chip ’n Cheese Flavor Bakery Bites (~$4.19 for a 14-oz. pack).

Luckily, at least for all us budget-minded folks, is that the Milk-Bone was the overwhelming champion:

  • Gordy--"The little guy surprised us by coolly sniffing at it for a few seconds and then shuffling over to the Milk-Bone Bakery Bite. He made quick work of it, licking his chops and, with a spirited woof, giving his compliments to the chef. When Gordy declined to eat anything else, we redid the test from scratch, breaking up the biscuits into smaller, Gordy-size bites. But the results were nearly the same. . . "
  • Bear--ate pretty much all of the treats
  • Chopper--"Right away it became clear that in Chopper, we had another Milk-Bone-Bakery-Bite fanatic. She immediately took the Cheetos-colored snack and ran away with it."
No, I am in no way affiliated with Milk-Bone!

Image by Stewert Isbell in New York magazine.

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